Environmental Policy Statement

United California recognizes the need to operate business in a manner which reflects good environmental management. United California is aware of the environmental impacts of its operation and will balance its business with the need to protect the local and global environment. Our Environmental Policy shall earn the confidence of employees, customers, suppliers, vendors and the general public by demonstrating our commitment to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and minimize pollution, resource use and waste. United California has demonstrated a commitment to identify all activities that have the potential to cause an environmental impact, as well as providing adequate resources to help minimize or prevent any negative impact. 

To achieve this commitment, we will:

• Identify all environmental impacts that the Company contributes to and establish environmental management procedures that can be incorporated into all business decisions, in a cost-effective manner.

• Consistently increase awareness and provide necessary training to all our employees to ensure environmentally          responsible concepts are integrated into their normal working practices. 

• Reduce the consumption of resources (energy, materials, packaging), where feasible. 

• Minimize waste through a commitment to reuse, recover, recycle, where feasible. 

• Demonstrate control of all our operations and ensure that all preformed with due consideration of the environment.  

• Regularly measure and evaluate our environmental performance. 

It is our duty to ensure that good environmental management is practiced in all contracts

and projects that we are involved in.