The KVAR Energy Savings Corporation has patented an apparatus and methodology for determining the exact amount of capacitance that is needed to optimize inductive motors      to unity for maximum savings.
Reduced Power Losses in Distribution Systems - Because the reactive current required by the inductive equipment is now being provided by the KVAR EC, the current flowing throughout the distribution system is significantly reduced. Losses in the electrical distribution system are proportional to the square of the current flowing through the system (I2R) and are therefore even more significantly reduced. The popular misconception is that these savings are minimal, but this is not the reality.
Improved Voltage Regulation Due to Reduced Line Voltage Drop - This directly results in more efficient performance of motors meaning less energy into heat in     the windings of motors which means cooler running motors that last longer and require   less maintenance. Reduced Demand Charge - It is common for utility companies to apply     a charge to compensate for the capital investment they have made to serve a facility peak load. Improving power factor close to 1.0 will reduce this peak load and result in further     cost savings.
Better Utilization of Electrical Machines - By increasing the power factor, current  is reduced which in turn reduces the total power requirement space on the electrical infrastructure that is generated, thereby reducing maximum demand charges and providing increased space on the infrastructure.


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