For questions or to receive a quote, please contact:  Ed Holmes, Jr.

Our portable fire extinguisher services include:
Inspections - NFPA 10 inspections performed as you need them

Recharging and Repair

Hydrostatic pressure testing (high and low)

Dry chemical fill and recharge

CO2 recharge

CO2 cartridge operated portables servicing

Halon 1211 & FE-36 clean agent recovery and recharging

Pressure Water recharge

AFFF recharge

Water Mist and recharge

Class K extinguisher recharge

UCFP is the only source your company  will need for your fire protection and life safety needs. UCFP installs, services and inspects fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, and fire sprinkler systems, as well as, other life safety systems.

Please contact us to insure your company       is in compliance.


A fire extinguisher is an absolute necessity, regardless if you have smoke alarms

or even a fully sprinkled building. While we hope it sits on a wall hook collecting

dust, it could save your property and your life if a fire breaks out. In nearly, 95%

of all reported fires, portable fire extinguishers are the media used to put them out.

United California Fire Protection specialists can evaluate your facility to

determine the correct number, size and location of where your portable fire

extinguishers should be located.